Mezzanine Floor Lifts - page 4

Through-car or same-side loading*:
dependent on individual application
Overhead ram box configuration:
enables compact design and build
Mesh-enclosed lift shaft
Ultraslim lift platform:
accessed via short, unobtrusive ramp
Surface-mounted unit:
enables rapid, economical
Stress engineered, free-standing
lift superstructure:
simply bolted
into ground
Product Detail
Lift controls:
easy-to-use, situated at
upper and lower lift
Inner gates and lift car:
standard model
unlined or ply-lined to
protect products
Heavy-duty interlock switches:
for long-lasting operation
Full-height outer safety gates:
electrically & mechanically interlocked
Aluminium lining
for stylish finish
Electro-hydraulic motor:
mounting tailored to
specific sites; no motor
room required
Safety signage:
operators to correct usage
Bespoke BS/RAL colours
to suit your application
OE Optional Extra - value-added, non-standard feature
* Options available
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