Transdek’s Dock Lifts offer a rapid-installation, highly versatile and cost effective means of loading products from raised levels to ground, whether in the factory, warehouse or loading bay.

All of the products in this range are surface-mounted, incorporating an ultra-slim, reinforced lift platform that lowers level with the ground and is accessed via a short lip. This avoids the cost and time constraints commonly associated with digging lift pits.

Available as static or mobile units, the products are well suited to lifting and loading operations that require a high degree of flexibility and/or for space restricted sites.

A range of long-term lease and short-term rental options are available e.g to service extra deliveries at peak periods.

Specification 2.25T Dock Lift 4.5T Dock Lift
Overall Dimensions (W/L) 3609mm x 2102mm (2425mm long with lead on ramps deployed) 3305mm x 3879mm
Platform Dimensions (W/L) 2450mm x 1750mm 2450mm x 3500mm
SWL 2250kg UDL 4500kg UDL
Capacity (830mm x 750mm) 6 Rollcages 12 Rollcages
Capacity (1000mm x 1200mm) 2 Pallets 6 Pallets
Mobility Standard - fixed model option Fixed model standard - mobile optional
Mobility Function 4 off wheels - steel with neoprene tyre, 360° high-mobility function.
2 wheels mounted on side chassis to each side of main lift superstructure batteries
4 off wheels mounted at each
corner of lift chassis