As part of Transdek's ongoing development work and commitment to sustainability, we are dedicated to continually exploring new green opportunities and technologies. We have invested heavily in the technological development of our products in order to make them the greenest available on the market.

By restructuring our manufacturing base and focusing on local sourcing, we have significantly increased Transdek's supply chain efficiencies, generating additional downstream benefits in the form of lower unit costs and shorter lead times.

We have also streamlined the design of our products, applying engineering expertise to produce equipment that offers faster loading speeds and greater reliability than ever, whilst simultaneously providing a significantly smaller carbon footprint – with savings of up to 35% on power usage and 22% on raw material consumption.

Local Sourcing
- 90% of products and components locally sourced in the UK
Raw Materials - reduced steel utilisation by 19%
Lighting - reduced lighting power usage by up to 60%
Motor - reduced motor power usage by up to 24%
Installation - increased transport efficiency by 50%
Recycling - reclaim & recycle service for all products & components
Extended Lifetime - product refurbishment & relocation service offered