Design 4 Safety Winners Announce Show Success

The new V2G 6500 loading system developed by Transdek and shown for the first time at IMHX 2010 has already been ear-marked to help Tesco to fulfil its loading requirements at some of the retail giant’s flat-floor stores.

Designed to enable the safe and efficient movement of products from all goods vehicles to ground level, five of Transdek’s V2G lifts have been ordered by Tesco to service its expanding double deck operations.

Transdek have already begun fitting the units, which were specified on the basis that they could be installed within one day in the loading bays at the back of their stores.  Speed of installation was sited as critical to avoid disrupting availability of products on the store shelves.

Based on the Design4 Safety Award winning design of their double deck lift range, the V2G loading system is delivered as a surface-mounted, self-contained loadhouse pod unit containing an electro-hydraulic lifting platform. 

“The unique aspect of these systems is that they enable loading of all goods vehicle types right to ground level without digging any pits in the yard”, said Leon Butler, Operations Director for Transdek.  “This speeds up the installation process and eliminates costs, as well as avoiding complications with drainage and oil leaks.”

The first of these units was put in to Tesco’s Lerwick store on the Shetland Islands, where it has facilitated the introduction of specially designed, low height double deck vehicles that can travel on the ferries to and from the mainland.  Fitment of the V2G lift has allowed Tesco to cut out one delivery a day to Lerwick.

“The V2G machine displayed on our stand at IMHX generated a high level of interest and some quality enquiries”, stated Mr Butler.  “Overall, the show was a great success for us. And, of course, winning the Design 4 Safety Award in the Automation Category was a prestigious honour for us and a very welcome recognition of the time and resource we have invested in the development of our products.”

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