Considered planning on the design of new store outlets can increase retail space, as well as reducing store build time and cost.

Without the vehicle pits used to provide raised docks for HGV deliveries, sites can save up to 500m2 of dead space in the service yard, as well as reducing build time and cost. This extra yard area can be used to increase retail floor space, introduce operations or, alternatively, retailers can select smaller, more cost-effective sites.

Because products are marshalled as they come off delivery vehicles at stores, the loading process is already significantly slowed. This negates the benefit of conventional raised-dock loading bay designs, whose sole purpose is to enable a fast and direct run-through from vehicles to the warehouse.

An efficient lift can therefore tip a full retail delivery to ground level in the same time taken to unload via raised docks, eliminating any need for vehicle pits – and offering the prospect to substantially enhance site productivity.