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Load weight monitoring

Achieves maximum vehicle fill without risk of overloading. Payload weighing technology seamlessly integrated in to the load cycle


Our Load Weight Monitor* (LWM) system seamlessly measures payload during the loading cycle of double deck trailers. It enables maximum vehicle fill without risk of overloading and, in many cases, generates faster loading.

Interlocked with the main lift controls, the LWM physically prevents overloading of either deck (within preset parameters) – to ensure a safe load distribution (keeping the centre of gravity within safe boundaries) and to guarantee that maximum overall payload is not exceeded.

The LWM is operated via a high-tech touch-operated HMI control panel, which gives an accurate running total of the payload allocated to each deck. An overhead LED display provides loaders with an at-a-glance overview of loading status and notifies when the allowed weight for each deck is reached, allowing an uninterrupted load cycle.

In short, the LWM helps to improve the safety and optimise the efficiency of double deck distribution operations by ruling out human error in the assessment of load module weights.

Up to15%extra load fill
Avoids up to3hour delays at weighbridge
3%weighing accuracy
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*International Patents Granted (and/or Applied). For details on Transdek's patents, click here.


Developed specifically for double deck operations, key advantages of our unique Load Weight Monitor System include:

  • Maximises double deck trailer fill

    Maximises double deck trailer fill

    avoids overloading

  • Ensures safe load distribution

    Ensures safe load distribution

    increases driver safety

  • Acuracy


    Weighs to within 3% accuracy

  • Improved management information

    Improved management information

    stores log of vehicle payloads by bay

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