Modular solutions to increase efficiency at two distribution sites – bespoke warehouse extensions, dock levellers, double deck lifts and V2G yard lifts

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  • Goal/s: Increase loading and warehouse capability, introduce double deck trailers
  • Product/s: 3 x dock levellers, 5-pallet double deck and V2G lifts, warehouse extensions
  • Lift Range: Ground to 1600mm (dock height 1200mm)
  • Load Capacity: 12 rollcages plus operator (lifts)
  • SWL: 6500kg lifts, 6000kg levellers
  • Added Work/s: Angled warehouses, wheel ramps (steep yard)
  • Install Time: 3-4 days per extension (incl lifts/ levellers)
  • Result/s: 30%+ saving on delivery miles, increased warehouse productivity
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The Client

Founded in 1881, Boyes owns a chain of 55 department stores across the UK, which stock a wide range of products, including clothing, footwear, babywear, DIY, soft furnishings, confectionery, stationery, toiletries, toys, and pet products. The Scarborough-based company operates two main distribution sites at Havers Hill and Hopper Hill.

The Project

Boyes contracted Transdek to help expand warehouse and loading capabilities across its distribution network. We designed and built bespoke warehouse extensions for two sites: one forming a link-build between warehouses, fitted with a double deck lift and three dock levellers; two others with V2G yard lifts – with adaptations to accommodate steep yard gradients and tight access.

The Results

The new, modular, surface-mounted warehouse extensions were installed in 3-4 days and have significantly speeded up loading of all vehicle types, and given Boyes the capacity to cope with future expansion. Boyes has also been able to introduce double deck trailers to its fleet, which have saved over 30% on delivery mileages.


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