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Transdek UK, the leading manufacturer of specialist loading systems for double deck trailers, has recently joined the Association of Loading and Elevating Equipment Manufacturers (ALEM) as an associate member.


Founded in 1997, Transdek has since developed a range of innovative modular loading systems, for general logistics and fixed-bed double deck trailer operations, and mezzanine goods lifts.


Leon Butler, Managing Director at Transdek, says, “We are delighted to be joining ALEM and are looking forward to working alongside the other members to drive progress and establish new standards.


“For many years we have worked in parallel with ALEM, pushing the boundaries of technologies and standards in the warehousing and loading bay sector. As the UK prepares to leave the EU at the end of 2020, we feel that this is a good time to collaborate more closely with our colleagues in the sector under the ALEM umbrella.”


In addition, Butler explains, Transdek’s loading and lifting system designs have significantly diverged from industry norms. Instead of the more conventional scissor lift type dock lifts, where the hydraulic rams push the platform up from underneath, most Transdek lifts operate with a single hydraulic ram and high-tensile steel cables.


“It is also important for us to represent our product designs in the establishment of any new regulations and standards in the sector,” continues Butler. “Whilst they share a lot of features in common with scissor lifts, there are other aspects that are not currently included in any European standards. We feel it is time for this to change.”


ALEM represents its members in negotiation with government departments, the Health & Safety Executive and related trade organisations. It is focused on the establishment of European and British safety and quality standards for lifting and loading equipment.


As with all ALEM members, Transdek is fully committed to ensuring its products are CE marked, meet all relevant European Standards, and comply with the UK Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations.


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