35 V2G Yard Lifts fitted for fast, safe unloading at various large store formats


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  • Goal/s: Enable double deck deliveries to level-access stores
  • Product/s: 12-rollcage V2G (vehicle-to-ground) yard lifts
  • Vehicle/s: Fixed double deck, single deck artics, rigids
  • Load capacity: 5 industry pallets plus operator
  • SWL: 6500kg
  • Added Work/s: Lift roof modules adapted to low canopies (designed for single decks)
  • Install Time: 1.5 days per unit, including any warehouse modifications
  • Result/s: Tesco saves total 25m road miles by double decking to stores
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The Client

Tesco is the largest retailer in the UK, with around 3500 stores and 27% of the grocery market share. As part of the retail giant’s drive to increase transport efficiency and cut carbon emissions, Tesco UK runs over 700 fixed double deck trailers in to its distribution fleet.

The Project

Part of a project to enable double deck deliveries to Tesco’s largest UK stores, Transdek developed a 6.5-tonne V2G loadhouse. This had to be installed in under 1.5 days to avoid store disruption, and to unload all vehicles, including fixed-deck trailers quickly and safely.

The Results

Transdek fitted 5-Pallet V2G lifts at 35 Tesco stores. Each loadhouse was fitted straight on to the yard and sealed to the warehouse within the 1.5 days allocated. The lifts unload a full double deck trailer in 90 minutes. Tesco saves 25m road miles p.a. by double decking to stores. 


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