Mezzanine Goods Lift Excels at Storage Unit

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Doncaster based Hörmann Transdek have recently completed the installation of one of its market leading mezzanine goods lifts for Self-Storage 4U located in Llandymog , North Wales. Providing one of the most efficient ways to move goods between floors, the mezzanine lift not only speeds up the company’s day-to-day operations and ensures the safe movement of goods, but it has also enabled them to expand their storage area by significantly improving access to the mezzanine floor.

Developed as part of a farm diversification plan, the secure storage unit is housed in a brand-new building and is one of a range of industrial units on the site. The company selected Hörmann Transdek to provide a solution as they are well known for their diverse range of lifting and loading equipment, together with a proven track record of supplying goods lifts for a wide  range of customers from single-unit storage operations through to large, multi-national retailers and manufacturers.

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The mezzanine lift installed is compact and modular in design, with a load capacity equivalent to two pallets or 1000kg. It consists of a self-supporting lift shaft and is quick to install due to its surface-mounted design which removes the need for any building works. With the storage pods on the ground floor protruding slightly from underneath the mezzanine floor, an extended toe plate was designed and fitted to bridge the gap. Featuring easy to use positive-pressure controls, the lift is finished in Orange RAL 2008 to match the company’s vibrant colour scheme.

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Commenting on the installation, Mike Owen the owner of Self-Storage 4U comments, “We have been extremely impressed with Hörmann Transdek from day one, from being able to quickly provide a solution to our lifting needs, right through to the installation team who were great to work with.

We are quickly seeing the benefits of the lift, with one of its main advantages being that it is user-friendly, so our customers have become very comfortable and confident with its use.  It has exceeded our expectations, being an excellent investment and enabling us to expand our business.

To find out more about mezzanine lifts from Transdek UK visit Goods Lifts | Mezzanine Goods Lift | Mezzanine Floor Lifts  or call 01302 752276

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