Fowler Welch

13-Pallet V2G Yard Lift plus creation of new loading bay at level-access, temperature-controlled DC



  • Goal/s: Increase double-deck loading speed and efficiency
  • Product/s: 13-pallet V2G yard lift
  • Vehicle/s: Fixed double deck trailers
  • Load capacity: 13 industry pallets plus operator
  • SWL: 12500kg
  • Added Work/s: New lift developed, new loading bay designed and built
  • Install Time: 8 days, including ground works and new loading bay
  • Result/s: 35 minutes to unload full double deck trailer
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The Client

The Grocer Gold Awards 2018’s Logistics Supplier of the Year, Fowler Welch is a leading temperature-controlled logistics service provider. The company has 8 depots across the UK, including a 59,200sq ft, BRC-accredited hub in Tyne and Wear, which services a major retailer, as well as straight-to-store orders for the convenience sector.

The Project

Transdek partnered with Fowler Welch to increase double-deck loading efficiency and reduce vehicle turnaround times at the site. Rather than simply replace an old scissor lift, as originally specified for the project, a new inbound-specific loading bay was created on the opposite side of the warehouse, which had previously been unutilised.

The Results

Transdek developed a new 12.5-tonne V2G Yard lift for the level-access warehouse. The 13-pallet machine unloads a full double deck trailer in just 35 minutes. The entire project, including laying foundations, forming new, insulated access into the cold store, extending the yard slab, installing the thermal V2G loadhouse and sealing it to the main warehouse, was completed in 8 days.   


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