Universal loading of any type of vehicle including Vans, LGVs and HGVs

Transdek lifts load a wide range of vehicles from Vans to Double Deck Trailers


Transdek has always been the forefront of innovation when it comes to modular loading bay equipment with lifts that can convert both traditional loading docks and level access sites to accept all HGV vehicles without the need for pre-dug pits in just one day.

However, our latest lift design called the ‘Universal Dock Door’ really is the utopia of loading bays and can be quickly installed at new build warehouses or retrospectively fitted to existing sites.

The Universal Dock Door combines all our usual modular lift design benefits along with two additional unique features: a specially adapted bridge plate and a unique tail lift pocket which allows the unit to cater for any vehicle type or configuration.

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A unique design enables vehicle tail lifts to be stored and stowed underneath the lift platform in a special compartment which cannot be achieved with traditional scissor lifts.

This cuts the need to use tail-lift at DCs by up to 50%, significantly extending tail lift reliability and reducing maintenance, speeds up loading considerably, improves operator safety and allows home delivery vehicles to dock safely.

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Our ‘Vandango’ bridge plate has been specially adapted to quickly adjusts its width, using hydraulics, to cater for any vehicle from 3.5T home delivery vans to a double deck trailer within a matter of seconds.



Universal Dock Door Video

Transdek lifts load a wide range of vehicles from Vans to Double Deck Trailers

Universal Dock Door Features

vandango 002b

Vandango Bridge Plate

Adjusts it’s width to cater for any LGV/HGV vehicle

tail lift 001 2

Tail lift pocket

Enables vehicle tail-lifts to stow underneath the lift platform in a special compartment

1 Modulara

Modular, plug-and-play design*

Pre-clad, pre-tested, surface-mounted units are fitted straight on to the yard or warehouse floor in 1-2 days – minimises cost and disruption of install. Easily moved, if required – avoids dilapidation charges and write-off/re-purchase costs

2 2 section loadhouse

Two-section loadhouse*

Transported as roof and base modules that are simply bolted together onsite. The loadhouse is fixed to the ground and warehouse front to provide a sealed and optionally temperature-controlled loading environment

4 Stress Engineered

Structurally-engineered loadhouse

Loadhouse and lift structure engineered for durable, lifetime operation in rugged logistics environments. Integrated dock bumpers and impact-dispersal system minimise potential damage from reversing vehicles

5 Rugged Platform scaled

Rugged lift platforms

High point-load lift platforms engineered to withstand MHE operations for the fastest loading. Lifting mechanisms also give 2-3 times faster raise/lower speed than scissor lifts

6 HMI controls scaled

HMI touchscreen controls*

Technologically-advanced main control panel provides rapid-diagnostics pictogram for fast, simple self-fix, which minimises downtime. Mobile login option further reduces call-out costs and enables remote troubleshooting

7 Gates scaled

Twin-interlocked safety gates

Front and rear material gates are both electrically and mechanically interlocked. The front gates lock out to provide safety rails along the side of the bridge plate

8 Safety scaled

Integrated safety systems

Our loadhouse pods include fully interlocked and automated exclusion zones, traffic lights, interior lighting, loading lamps, segregated personnel walkway and (optionally) doors to give operators unrivalled safety

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Why Transdek’s Universal Dock Door Lifts?


Surface mounted, plug and play units*; installed in 1 – 2 days; easily relocated


Rugged machines with precision ergonomics; built in the UK to last a lifetime


Efficient and secure loading of all LGV and HGV trailer types


Single, powerful ram design, reduces tail lift maintenance by 50%


Advanced, standard-raising safety features; CE-marked, BS/EN standard and Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC conformity


Lift speeds 2-3 x faster than scissor lifts; loads 5-10x faster than taillift

Universal Dock Door Ancillaries & Options

Wheel Guides 3 scaled

Wheel Guides

Aligns vehicles on dock
roller shutter door scaled

Roller Shutter Door

Cost-effective door option
insulated scaled

Insulated Cladding

For temp-controlled operations
inflatable dock shelter scaled

Inflatable Dock Shelter

Increases seal thermal integrity
adjustable dock shelter scaled

Adjustable Dock Shelter

Flexi-loading DD trailers to vans

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