26 mobile dock lifts – to enable handling of large stillages at level-access regional DC’s


  • Goal/s: Enable direct delivery of bulky items to 26 level-access regional depots
  • Product/s: 26 x 2-tonne mobile dock lifts
  • Vehicle/s: Single deck artics and home delivery vehicles
  • Load Capacity: Large, 2-cubic-metre stillages plus operator
  • SWL: 2000kg
  • Feature/s: Hydraulically-retracting wheels
  • Install Time: Instant fitment plus operational training and service support
  • Result/s: 24 hours saved on delivery times, safe handling of stillages

The Client

Online retailer Littlewoods previously ran one of the largest private home delivery operations in the UK. Business Express delivered 45 million packages p.a. around the UK, roughly 500,000 of which were large items, such as flat-pack furniture, bed sets and audio equipment.

The Project

Transdek was commissioned to supply 26 mobile dock lifts, with 3.3-metre long platforms, to enable the handling of these bulky goods at the majority of Littlewoods’ regional depots, which don’t have raised docks. Previously, these stillages were delivered via the Central Sortation Centre so they could be stripped down and loose loaded.

The Results

Transdek’s lifts enabled Littlewoods to deliver 500,000 bulky product a year straight to its regional depots, saving 24 hours on delivery times for these items, as well as the cost of double shipping. The Transdek lifts were built with special, slimline platforms to enable easy access for pallet trucks carrying the two cubic-metre stillages.

“Not only have Transdek’s dock lifts provided cost savings in terms of heightened logistical efficiency, we have been able to save 24 hours on our delivery timings and also reduced product damage caused by excessive handling.”

Distribution Director for Littlewoods