Wincanton Screwfix

10 x 5- and 8-pallet double deck and V2G lifts to load low-floor double deckers and single decks with cantilever taillifts

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  • Goal/s: Increase loading safety & efficiency for all vehicle types
  • Product/s: 10 x 5-/ 8-pallet double deck and V2G lifts
  • Load Capacity: 12 rollcages plus operator
  • SWL: 6500kg
  • Features: Taillift pockets, bi-fold bridge plates
  • Added Work/s: Wheel ramps 
  • Install Time: 1.5 days per unit
  • Result/s: 100% faster load times vs taillifts
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The Client

Part of the Kingfisher group, Screwfix is the UK’s largest multi channel retailer of trade tools, accessories and hardware products. Wincanton is the largest British logistics firm, employing almost 18,000 people across more than 200 sites, with 3,600 vehicles. Wincanton has partnered with Screwfix since 2008, and runs both its DC’s and transport.

The Project

Transdek installed a combination of five 5-pallet and 8-pallet double deck and V2G yard lifts at two of Wincanton Screwfix’s DC’s. The Lichfield DC units have taillift pockets to enable loading of single deckers with cantilever taillifts, as well as double deck trailers. All lifts include Transdek’s Connect dock management software for remote troubleshooting.

The Results

Transdek’s double deck and V2G lifts generate 100% faster vehicle fill/empty times compared to taillift-loading operations, at raised-dock and level-access bays respectively. The equipment has also provided more flexibility for Wincanton’s transport management team, with the five loading bays able to service both single and double deck vehicles.   


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