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  • Bespoke warehouse extensions at two DC’s

  • Double deck & V2G lifts, dock levellers fitted

  • Increased warehouse productivity & logistics efficiency
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The Client

Boyes owns a chain of 55 department stores across the UK, which began as one small shop in Scarborough. Founded in 1881, the family business stocks a wide range of products, including clothing, footwear, babywear, DIY, soft furnishings, confectionery, stationery, toiletries, toys, and pet products.

In a move to increase logistics efficiency and expand existing warehousing and loading capabilities from its Havers Hill and Hopper Hill distribution sites, Boyes contracted Transdek to develop a number of bespoke loading solutions, as well as building a customised tandem axle stepframe double deck trailer.

What We Did

We developed a bespoke double deck lift and triple dock leveller pod to increase loading capacity for a new warehouse extension at Boyes’ Havers Hill distribution centre in Eastfield. The modular loadhouse systems were all delivered as plug and play units to marry to the warehouse front. Inside the warehouse, we also designed, manufactured and installed a mezzanine area and two mezzanine floor lifts.

Throughout the development, we liaised closely with the project’s local architects to ensure a seamless integration, from planning to execution, of the entire process. This included taking in to account a significant right to left yard slope: we designed and manufactured bespoke wheel ramps to correct the gradient and allow level loading for all vehicle types.

Two V2G loadhouses were also installed – at Havers Hill and Hoppers Hill – with customised angled warehouse extensions to connect each unit to the main building and accommodate the tight space restrictions at both sites.

The Results

As a result of this work, Boyes has been able to introduce a growing fleet of double deck trailers to its fleet, increasing payload capacity per trailer by 66% and saving over 30% on delivery mileages. The new warehouse extension at Havers Hill facilitates rapid through loading for all vehicle types and has significantly speeded up vehicle turnaround times. The installs have given Boyes the capacity to effectively load any goods vehicles and to cope with future expansion without further infrastructure investment.


"Over the last four years, Transdek has delivered dedicated solutions that have significantly increased our warehouse productivity and logistics efficiency."

Kevin Marson, Maintenance Manager, Boyes


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