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  • Insulated V2G & factory extension

  • Installed & commissioned in 5 days

  • More efficient vehicle to ground loading
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The Client

Manton Eggs is an industry leading processor of liquid egg products and one of the UK’s largest egg processing companies. Its Harrogate based facility is capable of processing more than one million eggs per day.

As part of Manton’s expansion plans to manage higher volumes, the company needed to enhance its warehousing capabilities to facilitate the increase in inbound/outbound deliveries into its new production area and to optimise loading efficiencies.

What We Did

We designed, engineered and installed a bespoke warehouse extension that integrates one of our V2G loadhouse units. The warehouse was fitted with cladding to match the existing premises and incorporated an exterior drainage system along with two roller shutter doors and two high speed doors, all interlocked to maintain an internal environment unaffected by the outside weather. Emergency egress doors were also built into the unit.

In order to meet Manton’s exact requirements, we also incorporated an inspection area in to the warehouse extension, allowing eggs to be examined for quality purposes prior to entering the processing plant. The extension facilitates direct forklift truck access through an existing, adjacent doorway that was fully enclosed and covered both the warehouse and lift unit, providing a safe and secure working environment.

The Results

The entire project was completed and commissioned within just five days and provided Manton with the additional warehousing and loading capabilities necessary to meet its expansion plans. The whole structure was surface mounted avoiding the need for costly civil engineering works.

Our innovative V2G lift enables Manton to more effectively load and unload products between goods vehicles and ground level at the flat floor site. Wheel guides were also installed in the delivery yard to aid smooth vehicle docking.

The V2G solution also provides green benefits to reduce the use of energy and meet Manton’s environmental goals to minimise its carbon footprint. It features insulated cladding, roof light panels, P.I.R.S, LUX sensors and LED traffic lights system for safe operation of the two loading bays.


"Transdek offered a very cost effective solution that met or exceeded all of our criteria. The entire project was managed seamlessly and quickly. The new extension with V2G lift has significantly improved our operational efficiency and can easily handle our planned growth."

Mark Openshaw, Plant Operations Manager, Manton Eggs


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