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  • 196 double deck & V2G lifts installed

  • Saving 25 million miles p.a.

  • 1-2 days install per unit
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The Client

With over 3500 stores in the UK and 27.8% of the grocery retail market share, Tesco is the largest retailer in the UK, and the 3rd largest in the world by profits. As part of the retail giant’s drive to increase transport efficiency and cut carbon emissions by 25% by 2020, Tesco UK runs over 700 fixed double deck trailers in to its distribution fleet. A network of double deck lifts is required to service the loading of these trailers.

What We Did

We developed a range of double deck and V2G lifts to offer optimal loading speed and safety for Tesco’s double deck trailer fleet. In total, we have installed almost 200 of these lifts for Tesco, across its distribution hubs and larger retail stores.

Each site was surveyed and checked for double deck lift and trailer feasibility using a combination of Autoturn® and 3d parametric design software. A range of customised site modifications, including dock and warehouse extensions and wheel ramps, were designed and built to enable compatibility at sites with: low canopies, uneven yard topography, steep pits in front of the loading bay and/or limited storage area. Install slots were limited to 1.5 days per site, with cranes allowed on site for 3 hours maximum. Only our patented modular loadhouse design was able to achieve installs within these time constraints. LED rapid diagnostic displays were developed and integrated in to the lift control panels to minimise downtime.

The Results

Tesco was able to deliver double deck trailers to its top 200 stores throughout the UK, saving an estimated 25 million road miles p.a. Every lift and site modification was installed within Tesco’s given time constraints, ensuring uninterrupted product flows to the shelf. Our double deck and V2G lifts have maintained a 99% running rate, optimising loading bay productivity and minimising downtime.


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  • The Queen’s Award
  • Lifting Standards
  • Design Safety
  • Motor Transport Awards 2009
  • Motor Transport Awards 2017
  • Safe Contractor Approved
  • SRF
  • TCS&D

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