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Designed specifically to enable maximum load fill and safe load distribution on double deck trailers without overloading

Our Payload Monitoring System

Developed specifically to help you fully maximise the load fill of your double deck trailers, our high-tech Payload Monitoring System* (PMS) ensures a safe load distribution between the top and bottom deck and prevents overloading on the kingpin, bogie or overall mgw.

This is the only onboard weighing system designed to operate independently of the tractor unit, giving full flexibility of use during the load cycle, and enabling faster loading. Supplied as a fully independent product installed in our range of double deck trailers, the PMS does not require any modification to or interface with tractor units.

The PMS weighs to within 3% accuracy, enabling optimum payload fill without overloading. Operated via a state of the art HMI touch screen, with simple to use controls, the patented system weighs the load on the king pin, bogie and each deck of the trailer.

Weighs payload within 3%Accuracy
Up to15%extra payload fill
4way weight monitoring front-back & top-bottom
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*International Patents Granted (and/or Applied). For details on Transdek's patents, click here.

Payload Monitoring System

We developed this unique load weighing system to offer our double deck customers the following benefits:

  • Optimises double deck transport efficiency

    Optimises double deck transport efficiency

  • Enables maximum load fill

    Enables maximum load fill

  • Prevents underloading and overloading

    Prevents underloading and overloading

  • Ensures safe load distribution – between top-bottom decks

    Ensures safe load distribution – between top-bottom decks

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