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A range of specialist taillifts designed for the safe, efficient, low maintenance un/loading of double deck trailers

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We offer a range of double deck column tail lifts to suit your specific requirements, including low beam lifts (with half barn doors) and tail lifts with specially developed hydraulics* to work with our V-Glide rear doors.

Designed for the safest and most efficient un/loading of double deck trailers to/from ground or raised docks, our tail lifts are built to provide a lifetime of low maintenance service. Remote rams are located away from potential collision points, minimising the risk of reversing damage.

Our tail lifts typically have a minimum 1700mm deep platform with a hydraulically powered closure. Comprehensive safety features are included as standard, with enhanced safety mechanisms available as options. For out of hours deliveries, we also offer a range of PIEK certified ultra quiet tail lift technologies.


Quiet Features

We provide a range of specialist ultra quiet options on our tail lifts to enable out of hours deliveries to residential areas. In addition to Dhollandia’s PIEK certified tail lift designs, which incorporate sound deadening platform coatings and specially designed safety gates, we are able to mount the tail lift rambox inside the body, over the trailer neck behind a false bulkhead, which further reduces noise levels.

We are confident in offering the best standards of quiet trailer technologies for your out of hours deliveries. Combined with our unique quiet tai llift features, our V-Glide rear doors also incorporate ultra quiet open-close mechanisms.

Transdek is part of a team working with the Noise Abatement Society to help set noise level standards for out of hours deliveries in the UK.


Safety Features

Loading and unloading at the back of goods vehicles is statistically one of the most hazardous areas of the workplace. This is why we place so much focus on ensuring the safest possible tail lift loading operations, as well as providing simple to use, ergonomic products that enable efficient loading.

Standard safety features on our tail lifts include: hinged toe guard protection to both decks; robust, easy operation safety rails to three sides; and hinged ramps to the rear and sides that form wheel stops. We also offer an optional electrical interlock on the tail lift safety gates.

To eliminate the sheer point hazards, where tail lifts are used to load to/from raised docks at factories, DCs and stores, we supply an optional hydraulically powered rear flap. The flap locates to the loading dock.

Key operational benefits

Safe un/loading

Safe un/loading

easy operation safety gates to three platform sides as standard

Full height clearance

Full height clearance

all of our taillifts allow a full height rear aperture to both decks

Maximum useable deck space

Maximum useable deck space

our taillifts are separate to rear closure so do not form part of the overall trailer length

Low maintenance

Low maintenance

all hydraulic mechanisms are protected from potential reversing impact

Key operational benefits

*International Patents Granted (and/or Applied). For details on Transdek's patents, click here.

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